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A feedback loop is a good start, but a really good feedback loop is a force multiplier to everything else that you’re doing.

What makes a feedback loop “good”?

Feedback loops must be tight, accurate and strong

A good feedback loop is tight

A good feedback loop is one where feedback is timely, where the gap between action and reaction…

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Feedback loops are a naturally occurring phenomena. Homeostasis is achieved in the body with a number of feedback loops that alter our physiology, and our behaviour. When we get cold, we shiver to create heat energy, and sweat when it’s too cold. When we are scared…

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Focus is worthwhile

The most important skill I can imagine, a skill I lack almost entirely, is the ability to focus. Without focus, you can’t learn or work, or enjoy any experience. Very few forms of modern work can be done in micro-bursts. They require commitment of larger blocks…

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I’ve been building and maintaining software for a while, and the rules of design are visceral: I feel that something is sensible, or problematic. As I spend more of my time mentoring & leading others though, it becomes less important to know what is wrong or…

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In the unlikely event that you were interested in asking about the idea that has had the greatest impact on my life, I would be able to answer instantly:


I had been searching for Zettlekasten long before I knew it existed. I tried to implement it…

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I don’t lack drive, but I spend most of the time with the sensation that I’m spinning on a merry-go-round, going fast but round in circles, getting nowhere. Life lacks an evident grand plan or central narrative.

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Asymmetric encryption, also known as public-key encryption, is a popular method for exchanging private information between individuals, which has become more and more important in the world of digital cryptography.

The Enigma Encryption Machine

In the past few months I’ve written a lot about Number Theory. I thought it…

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In 1640 Pierre de Fermat wrote in a letter to a friend.

If p is a prime and a is any integer not divisible by p, then aᵖ⁻¹ − 1 is divisible by p.

Unlike most of the things I say to my friends, Fermat was right…

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Euler, one of the busiest people in Mathematical history, first demonstrated this function in 1763. He tried to use pi (π) to denote the function but it turns out pi was occupied. In 1801 Gauss suggested that we use phi (𝛗) instead. …


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